Hi there. Welcome to my sketchbook. Here you will find all sorts of creative projects for your home, kitchen, with your kids, and outside. I am an artist, a teacher, and a mom to two huggable and ferocious youngsters. After teaching for many years, and working in the corporate world, I decided it was time to launch my own business. A dream of mine since I was little; my own art school. I opened Meddle Studio in October 2011.

One of the beauties of living in a small town is the power of word of mouth. It can either make you or brake you. And, I can gratefully say the community has embraced my school and everything it stands for; offering a safe space for kids to explore their creativity, learn some skills, and most of all build confidence as a result of creating art.

This is the first business I’ve ever started. Although my experience in marketing has helped me immensely, the process of launching a business and a brand from the ground up has been filled with curve balls. However, one thing I decided from the beginning; I was never going to let the business cause me so much stress that it affected my family, and, no matter what, I needed to enjoy what I was teaching. My goals may seem simple, but it’s very easy to be swayed when you are in the thick of  launching a business and trying to meet customer and budgetary needs. One thing I have learned; the more you love what you do and make it work for you, the more success you will find. I’ve heard it before, but it IS true.

In addition to the creative workshops at the studio, I also design websites. I specialize in working with other creative individuals and helping them create a website that is functional and simple, yet reflects their work and creative spirit. I approach web design from an artistic background, so you won’t see anything traditional.  The web has become such an amazing canvas. I’m excited to be working in this medium.

I am also working on a new product line, geared towards creative folks. Supplies, paper goods, DIY kits, bags, tools, and coloring books for kids and adults.

I live in Half Moon Bay, CA, with my husband and two kids.


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