Easter Egg Sandwich

Easter Egg Sandwich

All time favorite part of Easter is the plethora of hard boiled eggs at my disposal. My kids don’t really have any interest in eating hard boiled eggs. However, Easter eggs are a whole different story. All day long the kids grab eggs from the fridge, peel, and devour. And even though eating hard boiled eggs made me gag when I was a kid, there is nothing more satisfying for me today. They even work great for my husbands “low hanging fruit” diet. Now that we have a ton in our fridge, it’s time for my personal favorite; Easter Egg Sandwiches. When it’s not Easter I call them “Deviled Egg Sandwiches”.

egg slicer

And nothing makes this easier to make than the pastry cutter. Oh how I love thee.

egg salad

Easter Egg Sandwiches


6 Hard Boiled Eggs

2 T  Mayo

1 T  Mustard

1 T  Sweet Relish

1/2 t  Salt

1/4 t  Freshly ground pepper

1/4 t  Garlic Powder

Dash Paprika

In medium bowl mix all ingredients with pastry cutter. Spread on fresh multigrain bread. Enjoy!

egg sandwitch


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