Despite everything, we had Easter

Despite everything, we had Easter

The Easter Bunny came, despite all the obstacles in his way. There was no opportunity this year to search for the perfect treasures for the traditional Easter treasure hunt. Typically EB creates a deliciously wonderful treasure hunt in our home. The kids wake to find an easter basket, stuffed rabbit, and the first clue of the treasure hunt. EB did it for my sister and me and now he’s doing it for my kids. Or, at least until this year. This year EB was stuck at home with loads of laundry, a sick family, and no chance to do anything but care for everyone. Oh, and EB was sick as well. But, EB always comes through, no matter what is happening, so he got up at 1:45 am, put on his bunny coat and went to Safeway to gather all the supplies needed for a chocolate treasure hunt. This would have to to do. So, the kids woke up to find their easter baskets, their stuffed bunnies, and the only clue needed to start the hunt; the sight of random chocolate eggs sprawled about the house. Let the treasure hunt begin!


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