Half Moon Bay Review


An article about Meddle Studio was recently featured in this week’s edition of the Half Moon Bay Review.

You never know how these types of interview can go. Not that I have a lot of experience. This is the second interview I have done. The first time was a little less than impressive. Let’s just say the interview was conducted while I was taking my sick kids to the doctor. I was driving my car in traffic, both kids are in the back seat, my son was just a year old and my daughter 3. Both have a keen sense of when I’m on the phone. They are able to perfectly time their tantrums and impossible-to-meet needs whenever I decide to make a phone call. This interview was no exception. Needless to say it didn’t offer a ton of newsworthy information for the reporter to work with.

This time around was actually amazing. The Review called and asked if they could come by with a photographer and chat about Meddle. The only trick – they wanted to come by that day. My kids were sick (again) but I was home. Thankfully, I had just taken a shower and had actually cleaned the studio for client meetings the previous day. So not much to do. Just get the kids to sleep and ensure they stayed asleep so I could stay focused and give off the impression I had everything under control.

My daughter went to sleep, no problem. Yes. She is five and she still naps. My son, however, was going to be a problem. He’s two and lives off milk. I had just decided it was time for him to get off the bottle. He had been a super star for two days, but today I caved. I told him if he stayed in his room I would give him a cookie when he woke up, ¬†then proceeded to leave him in his room with a bottle and his iPad. Not the greatest strategy for the future, but for the time it worked like a charm.

Reporters are tricky. They can get you talking about all sorts of personal stories you were not prepared to talk about, certainly not planning to talk about. Anyone who knows me knows I am an open book, but this was a little ridiculous. She had me talking about all sorts of personal and irrelevant stories. After the reporter left I felt excited, and then very worried.

Wednesday morning my son was extremely sick and in need of diapers and Popcicles, so I treaded off to Safeway. I realized there was a newsstand by the shopping carts so I walked over, telling myself they probably pulled the story. All this worry was probably for nothing. Then I saw it. There I was, right on the front page. Covering the “H” in “Half Moon Bay Review”. No Way.

HMB front page photo

Yes. I know this is a small town. I know it’snot a big deal. But this is still very cool. And better yet, the article turned out fine. Ahhhhh. Time for a drink to celebrate.


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